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Current News

we have 5 wonderful kittens

Labour weekend 2017 with 4 wonderful happy Kittens     (23 Oct 2017)

now they are encountering the world,... one is missing always... where hiding?

all 4 kittens in October 2017 now 3 weeks old     (13 Oct 2017)

Now we are 3 weeks old and can encounter the big world at Corokoschka... Wow... that;s cool.

family cuddle hours     (09 Oct 2017)

3 weeks old kittens discover the world.

Birtday 1 for Pasha Boy     (29 Sep 2017)

Pasha is today 29.September 1 year old. Birthday Boy, proud Daddy from 4 beautiful kittens.

Happy Mum with one of her newly born kitten     (29 Sep 2017)

All 4 kittens are healthy, happy and some are promised to a new home already 

[ Wonderful 5 kittens since mid of September in our Siberian Family ]

Spring time Kittens for Xmas New Home        (23 Sep 2017)

Mum & Dad are looking very parent like for the 5 Babies

3 Blue/silver Tabbies and 2 white/black kittens     (17 Sep 2017)

today 17th of September 2017 5 newly born kittens arrived on this world. In 2 weeks time, when eyes open, they will be adorable 

new feature in Pascha Palais     (25 May 2017)

today's sunshine inspired us to build a new feature in Bushland Park's SIBERIAN PALAIS a new hanging bridge with hang around places in height. (what cats love). Instantly success !!

pascha 7 months old     (01 May 2017)

Pascha becomes more and more cuddly; he is a true smoochie

Natusha 8 months old and soon mature enough to become a Mum     (26 Apr 2017)

to increase happiness to Corokoschka's Darlings     (18 Mar 2017)

it never stops! Reinhard & Petra have created a natural corner in the Siberian Cat Palais that Natusha & Pasha can play with nature, plants & water. The new water feature is another toy to chase away any boredom.  

Proof for hypoallergenic cats     (10 Mar 2017)

at the 9th of March 2017 another proof that Natusha & Pasha are hypoallergenic cats and will most likely produce similar conditions in their upcoming babies. Bushland Park Lodge regular guest "Martin" who is instantly highly allergic to cats didn't feel any reaction after 10 minutes playing with Pasha & Natusha.  Martin has been allergic to the previous Lodge Cat ShouShou in the past. This has been the 3rd cat allergic guest/person within 2 months time who volunteered for such a test at the Corokoschka / Bushland Park paradise with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.

Cat tunnel the gatway to the Siberian Summer Palais at Bushland Park Lodge     (04 Mar 2017)

With the beginning of March 2017, Reinhard finished his work of a convenient cat-walk from the winter garden/sunroom  to the Summer Palais Corokoschka. Pasha & Natusha have now a big playing area and use the tunnel as a run-way "in and out & up and down"

Only passionate Hobby Breeder like Reinhard & Petra do this effort to look for the Siberians desire. ...and they get thankful cuddles from their Darlings.

Wedding Anniversary 34th     (02 Mar 2017)

Especially to a family event the both Darlings are not missed out to celebrate good life.

News for people with "Cat allergy"     (13 Feb 2017)

In February 2017 we tested 2 times Bushland Park Lodge guests who are highly allergic to cats & have always an allergic reaction in contact with cats. Those guests volunteered to this test and took both Corokoschka Siberian cats on their arm and even cuddled with hands and face in Pasha's & Natusha's  fur. 
After a peaceful night-sleep they reported NO reaction at all. Thanks for our Canadian & Swedish guests for being so brave to do this test, which was very important for us to check from our Siberian cat couple the hypoallergenic condition.

When Queen Natusha & King Pasha do have those positive conditions, their future Kitten's hypoallergenic condition should be very similar. 

5th Months Birthday Natusha     (09 Feb 2017)

I am Shemiaka Natusha and it is my 5month birthday today! My fiancée Pasha is congratulating me in his very special way and giving me cuddles, not fights today  we're spooning.

[ Pascha 4 months ]

Pascha 4 months Birthday     (29 Jan 2017)

I am Shemiaka Pascha and it's my 4month birthday today!
I will be the patron of the CoroKoschka line of silver Siberian hypoallergenic cats in New Zealand.
My present is my very own batchelor patch in the planning. Will be moving in for my 6/7 month birthday so my fiancée cannot take advantage of me before family planning is sorted.
Life is great in New Zealand. I love being a kiwi now, although suspicions have come up that a Koala bear might be part of my line??? Sherrie Noble, what do you say? My climibing skills and fluffy fur might give it away.
My fiancé Shemiaka Natusha cannot deny her Australian heritage: she is the designated fly-hunter! Just not as many flies over here....she is looking fancy to me!!

Natusha & Pasha's Arrival     (04 Jan 2017)

Our girl Natusha and our boy Pascha arrived on the 23rd December 2016 at Auckland Airport, and found their home at Bushland's Paradise.

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