CoroKoschka - Siberian Kittens in the Coromandel

New Zealand Siberian Cat Breeder with pure traditional Siberian Forest Cat Lines

Sun room for Siberian Cats in Bushland Park

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"Petra & Reinhard Nickel are passionate Cat Lovers.  Cats have  always been an important part of their life." 

In 2016 they started planning to breed Siberian Cats under the name 
 (Coromandel & Koschka = Cat in Russian) while continuing to live in paradise "Bushland Park Lodge & Retreat".
  This hobby venture now revolves around high quality cats with very personal attention given to the Queen, King & Kittens. With their concept, creating a breeding cattery with a specific difference: 
keeping all their Siberian cats in-house, privately pampered and treated as loved PETS.

Whangamata in the Coromandel Peninsula is very conveniently located for other cat lovers between the Far North / Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga as a quick time-out or getaway trip to visit the Corokoschka cattery & a Coromandel Luxury Lodge. 

Good opportunity: visit or book your stay in Bushland Park Lodge and share cat lovers stories 
while meeting our Siberian Cats. 

For your allergy-test we offer  on request a Lodge-Special, individually created. Daytime short-visits, always welcome.
Corokoschka is with the "traditional blood line of SIBERIANS the only one in New Zealand and with the past 2 years experience, we can almost guarantee that you don't feel an allergic reaction with our cats.

Queen NATUSHA &  King PASHA were imported from Australian breeder of Shemiaka who supplies the pure bloodlines of the traditional  "Sibirskaya Koschka."  We imported this traditional Siberian Queen & King especially to follow the pure & most healthy version of Siberians without any other cross in the DNA line. The purest line with fine papers.

Many cat allergy sufferers ask whether they are able to live with Siberian cats without experiencing symptoms of allergy. There is hope for cat-allergy sufferers. Traditional pure-breed Siberians are known as the most hypo-allergenic cats of all breeds as Siberians  produce very low level of Fel D1 which could allow allergic cat owners to own a cat without suffering from sneezing and coughing and red eyes.  Of course, allergic reactions can be triggered by a variety or combination of factors in individual environments and personal tendencies (so nobody can provide a guarantee)
but Corokoschka Cattery can offer the opportunity of a test-run prior to making a purchase decision. 

In 2017/18 Bushland Park Lodge has had  more than 2 dozen guest-couples staying who suffers from cat allergy. All of those didn't have had any allergic reaction at all, after playing with our breeding couple. With the 1st litter of 4 kittens, all couples who tested first their allergic conditions on-site have been astonished about nil reaction at all. 
It seems that Natusha & Pasha have a perfect genealogy about the hypoallergenic issue. 

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