CoroKoschka - Siberian Kittens in the Coromandel

New Zealand Siberian Cat Breeder with pure traditional Siberian Forest Cat Lines

Pasha love

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"Petra & Reinhard Nickel have had cats during their whole life.
It was always an important part of their life."

In 2016 they started  breeding Siberian Cats under the name 
 (Coromandel & Koschka = Cat in Russian) while continuing to live in a wonderful nature-paradise "Bushland Park Lodge & Retreat".
  This hobby venture now revolves around high quality cats with very personal attention given to the Queen, King & Kittens. With their concept, more hobby -than- mass production, they created a breeding cattery with a specific difference: 
keeping all their Siberian cats in-house, privately pampered and treated as loved PETS.

Whangamata in the Coromandel Peninsula is very conveniently located for other cat lovers between the Far North / Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga as a quick time-out or getaway trip to visit the Corokoschka cattery & a Coromandel Luxury Lodge. 

Good opportunity: visit or book your stay in Bushland Park Lodge and share cat lovers stories
while meeting our Siberian Cats. 

For your allergy-test we offer  on request a Lodge-Special, individually created. Daytime short-visits always welcome by prior arrangement.
Corokoschka is with the "traditional blood line of SIBERIANS the only one in New Zealand and with the past 3 years experience we are very confident that you won't feel an allergic reaction with our cats.

Queen NATUSHA &  King PASHA were imported from Australian breeder of Shemiaka who supplies the pure bloodlines of the traditional  "Sibirskaya Koschka."  We imported this traditional Siberian Queen & King especially to follow the pure & most healthy version of Siberians without any other cross (Neva Sealpoint sister breed) in the DNA line. The purest line with fine papers.

There is hope for allergy sufferers:

Many cat allergy sufferers ask whether they will be able to live with Siberian cats without experiencing symptoms of allergy.Traditional pure-breed Siberians are known as the most hypo-allergenic cats of all breeds as Siberians  produce very low level of Fel D1 which could allow allergic cat owners to own a cat without suffering from sneezing and coughing and red eyes.  Of course, allergic reactions can be triggered by a variety or combination of factors in individual environments and personal tendencies (so nobody can provide a guarantee)
but Corokoschka Cattery can offer the opportunity of a test-run prior to making a purchase decision. 

In the last few years Corokoschka at Bushland Park Lodge has had  more than 80 couples, who suffered mildly or severe  cat-allergies for  "face to fur testing"  with Corokoschka's  cats. All of those didn't react at all or minor only.  With the  already first 20 kittens re-homed, we are pleased, that all families are happy with their furry family additions.
It seems that Natusha & Pasha have perfect genes for low FelD1 proteins.