CoroKoschka - Siberian Kittens - Hamilton

New Zealand Siberian Cat Breeder with pure traditional Siberian Forest Cat Lines

Petra & Reinhard as Hobby Cat-Breeder

Reinhard & Petra worked in high level DIY Industry-management in Germany's South Western Black Forest region. They immigrated to New Zealand in 1995, became Citizens 2007, and they owned and managed in the Coromandel a high end Luxury Lodge & Retreat for 25 years with high class cuisine & pure nature enthusiasm.

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After researching thoroughly cat breeding practices, the Nickels decided to do it differently, break away from the usual commercialised caged breeding and concentrate on family pet environment to further a uniquely healthy & stunning breed.

Kittens are raised in their family for your family.

to explain a little bit, what it means to do serious breeding in private space:

  • You have to know the breed in & out, and enhance contacts on cat-shows
  • You are in charge & organize the mating timing plus you have to observe  your cats'  individual personalities/habits.
  • You spend lots of time in playing with each of your "big or small" Darlings
  • You clean & sanitize areas & litter boxes constantly for not only 1 or 2 furry companions, this is a daily big job, (with lots of cat-litter)
  • You will want to create a very good realtionship with your local VET Doctor, as you need him or her far more than a family with only 1 or 2 pets
  • You are awake  & on your feet the whole night, awaiting the safe delivery of your Queen's  healthy babies.
  • You spare or run your tears, when some  still borns don't survive during birth,
  • You spend lots of time and effort with bottle-feeding on an occasionally  newly born small one, every 3 hours for a while,
  • You invest constantly  in your  Veterinarian to keep up the high quality standard of kitten birth, health  & hygiene
  • You are constantly, in the first 12 weeks with the new born kittens, at the VET's for check-up's, vaccinations, de-sexing and to put a chip in their neck,
  • You manage an extensive and time-consuming administration for "breed-registering NZCF"  and interested clients and future forever homes, via phone, email & fb,
  • You are  feeling very sad when  the kittens you raised for 12 weeks as your "Babies" are leaving,
  • You do this job responsibly for 1 or maximum 2 litters a year per Queen, to keep her in healthy and strong condition

Additionally Reinhard has built a huge cat-run walk in their private property & home, plus cat-friendly sun-rooms & outdoor well-being area & a few hundred squaremeters big cat safe garden !!!

Petra & Reinhard were drawn to the complete natural beauty, robustness & health of the Siberians. In a world full of man-made artificial breeds, all Forest Cats (Siberians, Norwegian Forest, & MainCoons) offer a mystical fascination with a  very strong affectionate personality, some say doggie like.

The traditional & pure line of Siberian Cats, without any mix from any other breed (not even with the sister-breed NEVA) is the well considered choice of the Corokoschka Cattery.