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Natusha's family complete

Pasha, Natusha & their 3 Babies are only another 3 weeks together

the 3 of Natusha's 5th litter
my name is Champagne !!!
I'm Hazel, I'm going to Picton NZ
Queen Hayla's sweet Darling
bunch of Queen Hayla's Babies
we are proud Corokoschka Siberians
today's news, we go as siblings in a new home
we are totally relaxed, heyh !!!
I love my life at Corokoschka
Mum's titties are always the best
Olena's sweeties of 3
2 cute kitten 4 weeks old with Petra
Pasha winning wall
Natusha July 2019 pretty Russian Lady

Natusha July 2019 pretty Russian Lady

Hayla & Gorgeous new Princesses
Stud Boy & King Pasha impressive July 2019
Bako & Beatrice are living in Hamilton, we visited, after 1 year.
Beatrice nearly 1 year old lives in Hamilton Family
Happy Pasha takes his winner Rosette
5 International Judges take Pasha as favourite & supreme winner
Pasha is a winner

2019 National Cat Show Superior Winner Siberians

Queen Olena is a true Beauty.

Pasha now  2 1/2 years old and a proud King who gave 20 Kitten Babies life already.

Cat Tree with Natusha's & Olena's Kittens March 2019
Natusha's bunch of 8 kittens
MM fluffy and pretty
Olena's 3 Babies March 2019
Bed time Surprise

wenn I wanna go to bed...well,...surprise

XMAS 2018 from our kitten buyers
Corokoschka's latest Tiger Baby Ziggy in Auckland

lives now in Auckland and is a happy chap....  what a Beauty!!!

Ziggy is a Beauty, isn't he?! and he knows it!
Ziggy in AKL very cuddly
we are in our best age, with 6 weeks, a wild bunch
what a Mum's LOVE
we are 1st day in freedom (out of the box)
am I fluffy ??? or not?
No Tip kitten is 1st day on the roll
Mum Natusha & her B litter bunch
Minitip & Snowflake B litter
the biggest Baby from B litter "Notip"
25 days old & discovering the world
just 20 days old and happy
me too !!!
I am a beauty SNOWFLAKE
I'm the high 5 tiger boy
New girl Princess Olena

cheeky Olena settled in the family firmly

lunch time at wintergarden Corokoschka

cream treat after lunch

New Princess OLENA feeling in paradise at Corokoschka May 2018
Princess OLENA just 12 weeks old is looking to a bright Corokoschka future
New Princess OLENA for future Kittens in Corokoschka 2019 settled in.
"No Tip" in new home can't believe it !!! all presents for me ???

I'm in the family in Christchurch...just landed via Air New Zealand in CCH this afternoon.

Alpha "Alfie" shows in new home how to dismantle a Xmas tree

A big Xmas tree only for me... playground paradise

24 hours after my de-sex OP
it was mean !!!
but now I'm relaxing !
Alpha of Corokoschka 10 weeks old and a Beauty

this sweet boy knows how to show off like a celebrity model on stage.

Corokoschka Princess 9 weeks old
princess Alexandra
our home has got wonderful playgrounds
Daddy Reinhard has created a hanging bridge for us
and we can play where ever we like
we have unlimited access to all rooms at home
8 weeks old kittens in the wintergarden snooze

Mum Natusha with her Babies after lunch snooze

no other creature can sleep so sweet than a Kitten
totally exhausted after wild excursion
I know how to do it !!!
...we are house trained already
3 Musketeers. Now 7 weeks and very pretty.
Pasha King on his favorite spot
good morning, I have had a good sleep !
I am Sasha and I am 6 weeks old
love & attention is Corokoschka's philosophy
all eyes and faces towards us (4 weeks old)

now they are reacting when we are coming home

3 weeks old and now there is the most cutest time coming up

3 Musketeers & Lady Alexandra

I'm hungry !!!

with 2 weeks of age our Babies starting to look truly sweet

and you'll get a wonderful family
then I'll give you a big kiss !
do you wanna be my soul mate ?
Sasha just opened eyes

...can you see me? I just have opened my eyes to this wonderful Corokoschka world and I will be a strong boy.More, with my strong Tabby marks "the M on my stern" and a superb Siberian profile, I will be a Corokoschka Princess.

proud king comes in age to seduce his girl
she is mine, pascha seduces Natusha
pascha 9 months old and 4.5 kg big boy
Natusha 9 months old
Pascha 7 months old
Cat paradise & wellness bath
We do everything together
Love is in the bin
Natusha 5 months old
Pascha 4 months old
Natusha 2 weeks old September 2016

Girl Natusha just 2 weeks old

Boy Pasha just 2 weeks old September 2016