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Current News

Hayla's 6 Babies are all fine and MUM is happy     (27 Nov 2022)

Tuesday the 22th of November 6 wonderful Babies arrived. all resereved.

Olena Babies to XMAS 2022     (27 Nov 2022)

Olena's 3 Musketeers are nearly ready to celebrate XMAS in new homes

Olena mated with King LEO recently     (18 Aug 2022)

and all signs stay on, she will have her litter in October 2022

Prince LEO made it to New Zealand Champion in Show.     (29 Jul 2022)

within all Longhair cats in this Show 2022, Corokoschka King LEO achieved the title NZ Champion.
His long legs, wide ears, strong bones & muscles, wondeful eyes and active reactions impressed the 4 Judges at this show.

Waiting List for Corokoschka Kittens     (30 Jun 2022)

Due to a couple of unexpected circumstances our reservation list has  grown and wait times are estimated at 2 to 3 years.

We do not want to accept commitments past this timeframe at the moment.

If time is not an issue, please contact us via email for further conversation.


photo, Corokoschka Cat area


Princess "Black Pearl" aka Foxy joined Corokoschka in 2022 April     (10 May 2022)

as we lost one of our Queens "Gorgie" the new Princess Black Pearl aka Foxy joined via Air New Zealand in April 2022. This unique Tortie girl will be ready for  kittens in 2023 autumn times. With a wonderful joyful nature, this little lady will be a further treasure in the Corokoschka Castle.

Hayla's Babies in Cat House Corokoschka     (26 Dec 2021)

waiting for their new home upcoming Januaray 2022 (all reserved)

zu Christmas 2021 Olena's Kittens     (26 Dec 2021)

found their new home to celebrate XMAS 2021

LEO new Corokoschka Stud Boy is a winner     (06 Jul 2021)

in all 6 Judges Rings, LEO got awarded being # 2 / 3/3/3/  5 & 8  out of 40 long hair kittens.
Breeders Award of Merit and Judges Choice # 1... WOW, this little boy becomes a STAR.

NATIONAL SHOW NZ 2021 successful for Corokoschka     (06 Jul 2021)

This year both Corokoschka Boys competed with another  45 Long Hair Cats. Corokoschka is happy to  gain from a result which shows PRIME GENES in both Stud Boys "Pasha & Leo" to deliver  wonderful kitten in all new forever homes.  Proud Corokoschka Owners got even the "Breeders Award of Merit"

    (13 Jun 2021)

Development from cute kitten to proud Tom Cat 2 years old     (08 Jun 2021)

This stunning Boy " Pushkin" is living now in Tauranga.
To all corokoschka forever homes here an example how time changes a Siberian outlook.

Pasha & Leo are going on NATIONAL CAT SHOW 2021 and compete...     (23 May 2021)

may we introduce "LEO" Corokoschka's new stud boy PRINCE.

As Natusha pre-retired, after her last litter, he was the only boy in this litter & we kept him in our breeding family. This means for us a breeding cat from our own Corokoschka Blood line stays, who will mate in future now Queens OLENA/HAYLA/GORGIE, and in the year 2022 this handsome very pretty boy will have his own Babies for our reservation list families.

(picture below, studboy Pasha & Leo together)  Both are competing in the National Cat Show Hamilton 4th of July 2021  Result: Pasha carries the official title of

6 Hayla kittens are going within the next 2 weeks in forever homes     (20 May 2021)

from 20 kittens in this summer season, the last 6 cuties are going next 2 weeks. Hayla gave birth to 3 Blue Silver Tabbies and 3 Cream Classic Tabbies with white. Those 3 cream coloured ones, we name Champagne, as they are having such a fine coloured fur. Fluffy and all 3 have a bubbly personality.

Queen Natusha found a new family     (11 Apr 2021)

Our foundation queen Natusha’s forever home has been confirmed. We are delighted she will be with a beautiful family who had lost their first Siberian love last year. She will be spoilt as an only pet and indoor cat. We are positive she will repay the love with a proper staff/slave training fit for the retiring queen. Thank you to Elzabeth & family for taking care of her.

all 8 kittens in very good health and vaccinated     (29 Mar 2021)

"Gorgeous" bunch of 8 got vaccination today

3 litters of kittens within last 1/2 year     (07 Mar 2021)

HAYLA gave successfully birth to 6 wonderful babies yesterday 6th of Marh 2021.
Our waiting list is shrinking and many forever homes on this list can expect closer communication soon from Petra about time & personalities of those cute kittens.

NATUSHA gets an early retirement asap     (20 Feb 2021)

Heavy hearted decision from Petra & Reinhard to give our Corokoschka Founder Queen an early retirement as an indoor cat. She deserves it as she gave many wonderful kittens life in this world and is looking now forward to a peaceful loving forever home as an indoor cat. Whenever you think, you are the right one, please call Petra 021 443066 and talk about time, condition, transport and price. Natusha is 4 years old, top body condition, extreme healthy and desexed then. Please apply via email or phone, we have to get known your home.

every morning routine on cat run corokoschka     (18 Nov 2020)

happy cats & kittens in newly built cat run

Corokoschka NEWS     (14 Oct 2020)

as we got heaps of inquiries for kittens via Covid slow down time, our waiting list extended accordingly. But to all new waiting - members: OLENA gave birth to 4 wonderful Babies and Gorgeous aka Suzi gave birth to 5 kittens just 1 week ago (25th of Oct.)  So spring time did work for Stud-boy  PASHA .
By this way, for all allergy test families:  we moved already towards WAIKATO HAMILTON - North and the new CAT PARADISE Cat-run is in full construction work. From December onwards, allergy tests can be held again. Contact Petra in time.

Petra's & Reinhard's motivation and rewards     (04 Sep 2020)

When we get photos from our kitten homes, to see, how happy this cat allergic boy is about his best friend since 1 year, then we know, our Siberian breeding paradise is a good one.

Corokoschka kitten in new home family august 2020     (07 Aug 2020)

again a very very happy daughter of a family with "Cookie" Corokoschka's kitten.

now 10 weeks old and tomorrow VET to get fixed, June 2020.     (15 Jun 2020)

a view weeks and we are gone in new forever homes

I litter from Natusha in outdoor enclosure     (14 Jun 2020)

Little ISAAC (white/silver (right)) tried the whole morning climbing the tree, at lunch he got it !  BRAVE boy. June 2020

next litter will be "Queen Hayla" blue tortie" or "Queen Gorgeous" classic silver     (27 Apr 2020)

Natusha's 3 weeks old Babies all reserved for good forever homes     (27 Apr 2020)

Queen Hayla's 6 Babies have arrived pre-lockdown at their forever homes     (06 Mar 2020)

Happy 2 Boys from "Queen Gorgeous"     (07 Feb 2020)

going together to a lovely Tauranga Lady.

Allergy Test - happy     (10 Nov 2019)

Latest TESTS: 9th of November 2019, M & L from far North "Bay of Islands" drove down to the Coromandel for an Allergy Test 'face to fur" and "M" took even a ball of cat fur with, to sleep on it next night, and he didn't feel any reaction at all. He has had reactions  within 15 minutes with any other cat before in his life.  No sneeze, no itchy feelings on his arms, all fine, after playing with Natusha, Pasha, 1 of their kittens and as well with both new Queens "Hayla & Gorgeous". Photo: Hayla, = mated 2 weeks ago with PASHA  for having her 1st birth session around Xmas.

And another allergy test with a young boy 3 weeks ago picking up his kitten, very happy & positive, having now his new best friend at home " Blacktail/ or Snowball" Corokoschka Kitten from NATUSHA's E-Litter.

Olena's 3 Sweeties are now 6 weeks old     (10 Nov 2019)

tidy already in litter box,  solid food is fine, but occasionally Mum's titties are still the best.- 

Olena gave birth to 3 wonderful boys     (02 Oct 2019)

at 29th of September 3 beautiful boys entered Corokoschka Paradise. all fine with 110 to 135 grams birth weight & gaining daily 15-20 grams. all 3 are sold already.

Natusha's bunch of 5 are vaccinated and now 8 weeks old     (02 Oct 2019)

all found her new forever home and the new families are desperately waiting another 4 weeks time.

Natusha's Babies are growing very well.     (03 Sep 2019)

all 5 kittens reached over 500 gram each and are vivid and cute and 4 weeks old.

Natusha's 4th litter Monday 5th of August 2019     (10 Aug 2019)

after Petra & Reinhard did have a disturbed sleep Saturday, no sleep Sunday, Natusha decided having her Babies at Monday morning 9 o clock... well, all fine all very vivid and hungry to Mum's nipples. All cuties are promised to forever homes (waiting list) already.  .... and we are waiting for OLENA's nipples to pink up as a sign for being pregnant.

2019 last show for Corokoschka in Auckland again a winner     (04 Aug 2019)

Pasha did it again ! for Corokoschka the last show of this year our Pasha impressed again 6 International cat judges. 
4 judges rewarded: place: # 1 # 2 # 6 # 10 from 23 longhair entire cats, means 4 times top 10 rosette.
An excellent opportunity to liaise with other breeders, learn new tips & tricks and most importantly promote the breed here in New Zealand.
Well done Pasha! You are a great ambassador of your species! Your laid back attitude won already so many fans who now associate Pasha with The Siberian.

Pasha proves being a "Champion" amongst the entire Long-Hair-Cats in NZ.     (08 Jul 2019)

In the big NZ regional Cat Show in Hamilton with 211 cats, Pasha was chosen in the TOP 10 of all exhibited "Entire Long Hair Cats", and reached the status of NZ CHAMPION.

Natusha's Kittens after 1 year, a visit in Hamilton     (28 Jun 2019)

Siblings "Bako & Beatrice" = Natusha's B-Litter from a year ago, ...they are true Beauties and impressive Siberians

Pasha Go!!! and Pasha went !!! as a #1 winner in the National's     (16 Jun 2019)

National  Cat Show in Tauranga NZ with 208 cats, organized from NZCF, with 5 International Judges (USA/FINNL./AUS/JAPAN/NZ) judged Corokoschka's "Pasha" #1 Supreme Exhibit as Siberian.
Petra & Reinhard are proud to have such a Beauty as Stud Boy for all kittens in the past & future kittens to come.  

Pasha's Harem     (12 May 2019)

Pasha goes on NATIONAL CAT SHOW Tauranga 15.June 2019

another cat allergy test at Corokoschka Paradise     (07 Apr 2019)

today 7th of April a new test of allergy reaction went well, and this mother & son will have a new family member soon.

Natusha's 8 kittens & Olena's 3 kittens going to new homes soon     (09 Mar 2019)

now after 2 vaccinations and de-sexing procedure, the summer bunch of Corokoschka kittens are nearly ready to go to their new homes. 

surprise C-litter 23rd of December     (24 Dec 2018)

accordingly to the US scan & X-Ray in advance we waited for maybe 5 to 6 kittens, and surprisingly it came 8
Not an easy birth as Natusha had weak contractions and VET-Doc James helped 4 hours at night/morning time with Reinhard & Petra assisting.
We are pleased, all healthy and vivid drinking on all nipples. All are reserved to our priority waiting list members. 

Natusha highly pregnant     (18 Dec 2018)

just a couple more days and Natusha's Babies will arrive...count down on!!!

Xmas 2018/19 at Corokoschka Bushland Park     (15 Dec 2018)

From our last NATUSHA litter, the Hamilton Family who bought sibling Kittens to make their 2 daughters happy, has surprised us with a wonderful Xmas Greetings letter.

another "Allergy Test" successful     (01 Dec 2018)

to test a cat allergy is easy to do  in a day time visit or overnight at Bushland Park Lodge Special Package. 

Natusha is pregnant the 3rd time now with Pasha as Daddy     (30 Nov 2018)

She will have her Babies around Xmas 2018. All kittens from Natusha & Olena are reserved for new homes on the "preferred" waiting list.

Pasha & Olena will have Babies soon     (30 Nov 2018)

Olena's lost her Virginity in October 2018 and might have her 1st litter around New Years Eve. 

new forever homes for our B litter Babies     (04 Nov 2018)

yesterday & today 3 of our Babies went to the new forever homes,.... have a good life for sure, as they are now in hands from wonderful families.

Double Allergy Test went well     (20 Sep 2018)

... a new cat lover who made an allergy test at Bushland Park Lodge for a new kitten to Xmas 2018 visited a previous Corokoschka Siberian Kitten  buyer to cuddle with the 1 year old "Alpha" and no sneezing or Asthma or itching reactions at all. She will be happy to have a new companion at home soon.

20 Days old, our B-Litter from Natusha     (30 Aug 2018)

discovering the world with an age of 20 days and around 500 grams weight, and high 5 

10th of August 4 new kittens arrived at Corokoschka     (13 Aug 2018)

Natusha gave birth to 4 wonderful well developed Babies, all promised to their new forever home already

Queen Natusha is pregnant and due on 13th August.     (09 Aug 2018)

only a few days left and she will bring a few new kittens on this world

NO allergic reactions with Corokoschka Cats     (08 Jun 2018)

.... our Auckland buyer of the 1st Corokoschka Kitten ever has been a high allergic person to cats. He believes now in magic, with the Beauty "Alfie"
Living now happily together since 5 months wit no symptoms at all. =^..^= 

latest "allergy test" at Corokoschkas's Bushland Park     (14 May 2018)

Amelie made an overnight allergy test at Corokoschka's Bushland Park Lodge and is now "over the moon" that she can hope for a new Siberian friend to the next year's birthday.

New 2nd Siberian Girl arrived at 9th May 2018 to Corokoschka via Airport AKL     (14 May 2018)

due to the high demand of Corokoschka Kittens we decided for a second Queen. "Olena" arrived 9th May this year.

Kittens now 6 weeks in their new homes, and how do they feel?     (20 Jan 2018)

Alfie grew up already to 2,5 kg and feels very happy in his new Auckland home 

last Baby pick-up just 2 days before New Years Eve     (29 Dec 2017)

our 4th kitten "Artemis" got picked up from George & Nat with a 7 hours drive "Palmerston North" to their forever home

Christmas 2017 in NEW forever homes     (19 Dec 2017)

if this doesn't show true Christmas?     Our Corokoschka Kittens in their new forever home with first Xmas impressions,

the 1st cut is the deepest !!!     (13 Dec 2017)

this morning 13.December 2017 our little Sasha went off to CATLINS/  South Island, to her forever home.  New Mum "Di" flew in from Dunedin to AKL,  and with a rental car from the Airport to Bushland Park, to take her new Darling Friend in her arms personally. For 12 hours she enjoyed the Lodge and all kitty-cats at Corokoschka, and is just now (13.12.) flying back towards South. Have a good & happy life, Sasha - Alexandra !!!  

How Corokoschka Siberian buyers prepare the forever home to Xmas 2017     (29 Nov 2017)

The hot water bottle in the Catlins for Sasha,... the scratch tree for Alpha in Auckland (the same one Corokoschka has at home) how cute !!!

an allergy test, no better to do !     (26 Nov 2017)

this weekend the 4th. of the bunch is going to a home with lots of love waiting to Xmas 2017.

A  very very intensive allergy test from a lovely couple, living in Auckland, went brilliantly positive "no sneeze or eye reaction at all" and this test was truly intensive with all Corokoschka Cats in their living area, indoors & outdoors, cuddling and fur-sniffing for many hours, scratching skin on his arm and 2 kitten slide their tongue over his tiny open wound, ... staying at the Lodge with the cats for 24 hours.
More proof is NOT necessary, that the Corokoschka Cats are allergy FelD1 very low.!
Corokoschka breeders, Petra & Reinhard are confident to any upcoming allergy test in future.-

3rd. kitten celebrates Xmas in a new home at Palmy     (19 Nov 2017)

after a weekend stay at Bushland Park Lodge, enjoying a wonderful dinner with a Black Forest Cherry Gateau dessert, encountering the onsite glow-worms and cuddling extensively with Queen Natusha & King Pasha as well all 4 kittens, Dr. George didn't get any allergy reaction at all. He was excitingly surprised and fulfills "Nat's wish" to Xmas 2017 having a new family member. 

decision made for the 2nd hypoallergenic kitten 18th of November 2017     (18 Nov 2017)

James, highly allergic to cats, was cuddling most of the time within his 18 hour stay at Bushland Park Lodge. He wanted to know for sure; with Queen Natusha & King Pasha and all 4 kitties to test this time about his sneezing and watering eyes. No allergy reaction!  After Breakfast, the decision was mad " YES" , we would  like one of your Siberian Babies to Xmas. And Reinhard & Petra have a very good feeling for this new good home in Christchurch.

good appetite when young and a good snooze after     (06 Nov 2017)

we are already house trained , with 6 weeks old     (05 Nov 2017)

... love & attention is the philosophy at Corokoschka paradise     (30 Oct 2017)

Sasha, 1st sold kitten, trains football to be strong when he goes to "the Catlins South Island" to Xmas in his new home.     (30 Oct 2017)

Labour weekend 2017 with 4 wonderful happy Kittens     (23 Oct 2017)

now they are encountering the world,... one is missing always... where hiding?

all 4 kittens in October 2017 now 3 weeks old     (13 Oct 2017)

Now we are 3 weeks old and can encounter the big world at Corokoschka... Wow... that;s cool.

Birtday 1 for Pasha Boy     (29 Sep 2017)

Pasha is today 29.September 1 year old. Birthday Boy, proud Daddy from 4 beautiful kittens.

Happy Mum with one of her newly born kitten     (29 Sep 2017)

All 4 kittens are healthy, happy and some are promised to a new home already 

[ Wonderful 5 kittens since mid of September in our Siberian Family ]

Spring time Kittens for Xmas New Home        (23 Sep 2017)

Mum & Dad are looking very parent like for the 5 Babies

3 Blue Tabbies and 2 white/black kittens     (17 Sep 2017)

today 17th of September 2017 5 newly born kittens arrived on this world. In 2 weeks time, when eyes open, they will be adorable 

new feature in Pascha Palais     (25 May 2017)

today's sunshine inspired us to build a new feature in Bushland Park's SIBERIAN PALAIS a new hanging bridge with hang around places in height. (what cats love). Instantly success !!

pascha 7 months old     (01 May 2017)

Pascha becomes more and more cuddly; he is a true smoochie

Natusha 8 months old and soon mature enough to become a Mum     (26 Apr 2017)

to increase happiness to Corokoschka's Darlings     (18 Mar 2017)

it never stops! Reinhard & Petra have created a natural corner in the Siberian Cat Palais that Natusha & Pasha can play with nature, plants & water. The new water feature is another toy to chase away any boredom.  

Proof for hypoallergenic cats     (10 Mar 2017)

at the 9th of March 2017 another proof that Natusha & Pasha are hypoallergenic cats and will most likely produce similar conditions in their upcoming babies. Bushland Park Lodge regular guest "Martin" who is instantly highly allergic to cats didn't feel any reaction after 10 minutes playing with Pasha & Natusha.  Martin has been allergic to the previous Lodge Cat ShouShou in the past. This has been the 3rd cat allergic guest/person within 2 months time who volunteered for such a test at the Corokoschka / Bushland Park paradise with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.

Cat tunnel the gatway to the Siberian Summer Palais at Bushland Park Lodge     (04 Mar 2017)

With the beginning of March 2017, Reinhard finished his work of a convenient cat-walk from the winter garden/sunroom  to the Summer Palais Corokoschka. Pasha & Natusha have now a big playing area and use the tunnel as a run-way "in and out & up and down"

Only passionate Hobby Breeder like Reinhard & Petra do this effort to look for the Siberians desire. ...and they get thankful cuddles from their Darlings.

Petra & Reinhard's Wedding Anniversary 34th     (02 Mar 2017)

Especially to a family event the both Darlings are not missed out to celebrate good life.

News for people with "Cat allergy"     (13 Feb 2017)

In February 2017 we tested 2 times Bushland Park Lodge guests who are highly allergic to cats & have always an allergic reaction in contact with cats. Those guests volunteered to this test and took both Corokoschka Siberian cats on their arm and even cuddled with hands and face in Pasha's & Natusha's  fur. 
After a peaceful night-sleep they reported NO reaction at all. Thanks for our Canadian & Swedish guests for being so brave to do this test, which was very important for us to check from our Siberian cat couple the hypoallergenic condition.

When Queen Natusha & King Pasha do have those positive conditions, their future Kitten's hypoallergenic condition should be very similar. 

[ Pascha 4 months ]

Pascha 4 months Birthday Natusha's 5th months     (29 Jan 2017)

I am Shemiaka Pascha and it's my 4month birthday today!
I will be the patron of the CoroKoschka line of silver Siberian hypoallergenic cats in New Zealand.
My present is my very own batchelor patch in the planning. Will be moving in for my 6/7 month birthday so my fiancée cannot take advantage of me before family planning is sorted.
Life is great in New Zealand. I love being a kiwi now, although suspicions have come up that a Koala bear might be part of my line??? Sherrie Noble, what do you say? My climibing skills and fluffy fur might give it away.
My fiancé Shemiaka Natusha cannot deny her Australian heritage: she is the designated fly-hunter! Just not as many flies over here....she is looking fancy to me!!

Natusha & Pasha's Arrival     (04 Jan 2017)

Our girl Natusha and our boy Pascha arrived on the 23rd December 2016 at Auckland Airport, and found their home at Bushland's Paradise.