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New Zealand Siberian Cat Breeder with pure traditional Siberian Forest Cat Lines

King Pasha hang out in cat-run

Our Cats

started in December 2016.

The pure & traditional  Siberians are well known as the most healthy and robust breed of all pedigree cats. This is one reason for us to concentrate on the pure traditional line (no mix with sister breed  "Colourpoint "NEVA"). 

Pasha, the fluffy Russian  King with his harem of 3 Queens are a carefully selected match to produce extraordinary pretty Siberian kittens. 

All of our cats have been tested with many couples in our Home of allergic reaction. All visitors have been highly cat allergic at least with 1 person. They cuddled minutes & longer and reported "no or only minor allergic reaction.". This is encouraging for the future kittens of Olena, Hayla, Pearl & Pascha and the new  in NZ born, King Leo.

Pasha has been on the National Show with International Judges, as well on several other local shows. He always ends up as a winner.
NATIONAL SHOW 2019 & 2020" Double Grand Champion NZ"

Last National Cat-show was 4th of July 2021 in Hamilton where Pasha & Leo  did compete. LEO took home the BAM (Breeders Award of Merit) of his section. Pasha was crowned

...and another true situation: our 2 local VETS  in the Coromandel have been both cat allergic and they didn't  feel any allergic reaction after treating our cats regularely.

now living in Hamilton, we enjoy the very good service from the Team  "Companion Vets Hamilton".