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New Zealand Siberian Cat Breeder with pure traditional Siberian Forest Cat Lines

proud Mum with her Baby


here you see the development of Corokoschka kittens

We do  have kittens available just now, but all reserved for good homes in our waiting list. Call Petra for condition to join.
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We tested the "hypoallergenic condition" of our Siberian Couple with  many allergic sensetive  persons who have done a
 "face to fur" test. 
"no allergic reaction at all"  ... and if any, then very minor.

About Hypoallergenic cats: please consider - causes for allergies are very complex and totally individual. 

Nobody can give you a complete security & guarantee
"not reacting allergic, even to the Siberians"  
If you are allergic to cats, you should test your personal situation, (sneeze/eyes/asthma/skin) visiting your chosen breeders cats before.
perhaps to mention:
In our specific case can we tell, that our former local Vet has been allergic to Cat's FelD1 and didn't have any allergic reaction (hands/arms/nose) at all when treating our kittens.

ALPHA  =  ALFIE  in Auckland 
(see upper pictures  1 day & 1 week old
see pictures here  1/2 years old   and   now  over 1 year old.

to see the development of this cute kitten: Alpha = now named "Alfie", lives in Auckland with a young couple.  The new owner is highly allergic to cats and found in "Alfie" his best friend-companion ever.

Bako & Beatrice are living happily in Hamilton with 2 girls in a family.

Sometimes families decide for 2 kittens as siblings.
Often for 2 children at home. Here left girl Beatrice  and right boy Bako...just 10 days old.

Bako & Beatrice as kittens... 12 weeks old, and are ready, going from Corokoschka to their new forever home.

Petra & Reinhard visited both cats in June 2019 ...and now they are just a year old and the most happy kittens from Corokoschka in a huge secured garden in Hamilton

who would imagine, that out of those 2 little cuties =  now, are so proud and beautiful grown-up Siberians !!!

development of fur within a year. Beautiful colours showed up.

left Bako  &  right Beatrice June 2019