CoroKoschka - Siberian Kittens in the Coromandel

New Zealand Siberian Cat Breeder with pure traditional Siberian Forest Cat Lines


We do not have kittens available just now, but soon again.

We tested the "hypoallergenic condition" of our Siberian Couple with Lodge guests in February/March  2017. 
Seven guest couples volunteered with  cuddling for 15 minutes with both cats 
and they have been very astonished, 
"no allergic reaction at all"  ... after this intensive trial.. 

Queen    Natusha is an elegant Queen with a strong and slim body, long legs & will develop with age a longer fur. 
She is a typical Black Silver Mackerel Tabby with White and has a wonderfully smart elegant personality.

King    Pasha is simply cute & handsome & a real smoochy 
He has an interesting fluffy fur as a Classic Blue Tabby Bi-colour. 
His typical Siberian roundness will bring a perfect match to the Corokoschka Queen and her kittens.. 

Most important to mention,  is the deep soul mate love both have found together. This intensive love is extraordinary and can only contribute to perfect babies in future.  They will produce the traditional & popular Siberian "silver line" with blue as Tabby.

Before you buy a kitten think about:  
"this is a commitment for a minimum of 15 years"
and your choice where to buy your additional new family member should be based on  a complete trust to the breeder 
who sells likewise only to a trustful new home.
About Hypoallergenic cats: please consider - everybody has got his own conditions to be allergic to cats. 

Nobody can give you a complete security 
"not reacting allergic, even to the Siberians"  
a FelD1 test certificate is a fine indicator but no guarantee for everybody. 
If you are allergic to cats, you should test your personal situation, visiting your chosen breeders place before.

All prospective buyers are welcome to follow up 
the 1st Corokoschka  litter personally via email, facebook
or give us a call to visit personally our Lodge.

In our specific case can we tell, that our local Vets (Vet couple) are allergic to Cat's FelD1 and did not have any hand allergic reaction at all when treating our cats.

Natusha will have her 2nd litter soon, We are very exited when the little Nipples are "pinking up"

Those kittens will have most likely similar hypoallergenic genes as both of their parents are proven hypoallergenic cats.
The kittens will be in silver line TABBY with white, and perhaps a blue line. Please contact us when you are interested in having a most wonderful Christmas Present.

Here when Natusha has had her 1st litter in 2017...just 10 days left for arriving the kittens in this world. mid September we are highly exciting to see the 1st litter of Natusha

today 17th of September 2017, the family extended wit 5 new kittens. all are fine and healthy. In 2 weeks time, when eyes open, they will be adorable and pretty Siberians.

Do Not Disturb        Spring time kittens for Xmas New Home

...can you see me? I just have opened my eyes to this wonderful Corokoschka world and I will be a strong boy.More, with my strong Tabby marks "the M on my stern" and a superb Siberian profile, I will be a Corokoschka Champion.ow

Hello !!!  Beginning October now, we are 2 weeks old and gaining 15 grams weight every day... we feel good !!!  don't you see/think?

Family cuddle hour with 2 of 4 kittens. Now they are 3 weeks old and start to discover the world

Photo hour,... beauty pageants !!!  we are 3 weeks old and on stage !!!  

now we are 6 weeks on this world and we are pretty & cute & funny & the world is ours !!!

we are 7weeks old and are going next Monday to our 1st vaccination 

Saturday 11th of August 2018 Natusha gave birth to 4 wonderful Kittens, all promised to new forever homes.

Natusha's 2nd litter the B-Litter August/ September  2018 and all 4 kittens are fine. already 6 weeks old, Corokoschka's B-litter Aug/Sept.2018 with a bunch of Love.