CoroKoschka - Siberian Kittens in the Coromandel

New Zealand Siberian Cat Breeder with pure traditional Siberian Forest Cat Lines


My partner and I got one of the litter A kittens from Corokoschka. My partner is very allergic to cats - sneezing and itchy eyes whenever there is a cat nearby for about 5 minutes. This does not happen with our Corokoschka kitten at all. It sounded too good to be true for us at first and we were very greatful that we were invited to stay in the Bushland Park Lodge. After playing with the cats and kitten all day we were confident that we could bring one home. We also enjoyed stay at the Bushland Park Lodge. Petra & Reinhard are so kind showing us around the retreat. They also make DELISIOUS food - every bite was a miracle. Our kitten only goes to the toilet in his litter tray and he magically knows only to scratch on the scratching posts. We have become very happy cat owners.

H & J (03 Feb 2018)   Photo 

Petra and Reinhard at Bushland Park Lodge have made us feel like a part of the Corokoschka family from start to finish (and forever!). From the very first contact they have been informative and friendly. Our stay at Bushland Park to meet the kittens and the Nickels was so enjoyable (amazing hospitality, we will definitely be back for another stay!) and they couldn't have matched us with a more perfect kitten. We absolutely love the new fluffy addition to our little family, and highly recommend Corokoschka!

Nat & George (18 Jan 2018)   Photo 

Our experience adopting Alfie from Petra and Reinhard at Corokoschka was nothing short of fantastic. We are so happy to have welcomed little Alfie into our home, having thought that we would never be able to adopt a cat due to my partner's allergies.

It was always a pleasure communicating with Petra and Reinhard who kept us well informed as the kittens grew up with photos, emails and videos.

It is clear that for Petra and Reinhard this is a hobby venture and a passion rather than solely a business. The way the facility is set up is nothing short of "cat paradise", and the love and affection they show towards all of the cats has produced very well socialised, toilet trained and absolutely beautiful cats. We feel so lucky to have one of their kittens. The cats essentially have free reign of the house (trap door included), and the most amazing outdoor run that connects to the house.

Our first "allergy test" was truly a weekend in paradise. Alongside breeding cats Petra and Reinhard also run a luxury lodge (with glow worms on the property!). We stayed one night at the lodge at a very discounted rate and dined in courtesy of Reinhard (the chef!). The whole weekend was an incredible experience. We were astonished that my partner didn't react at all, having reacted to literally every previous cat he had encountered prior with sneezing, red itchy eyes and misery in spite of anti-histamines! They were such attentive hosts and welcomed us into their home to meet the cats in their surroundings, which for us was the best possible allergy test. They are such genuine and kind people who are so passionate about their job.

I wish them both the best with future litters and recommend them highly to any interested parties.

Stephanie & Benoit (30 Dec 2017)   Photo 

I have had the pleasure of meeting Reinhard & Petra and their beautiful Siberian Forest Cats. They are dedicated to breeding these majestic cats. And I am so happy I was able to get my beautiful Siberian kitten (Alexandra Sasha), from their first litter of Siberian kittens.

They are dedicated to keeping their cats well-bred with the purest of bloodlines maintained. Reinhard and Petra treat their Siberian cats as part of their family. 

And I hold them in the most positive regard.

Dianne M (Dec 2017)   Photo 
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